A Reflection on Tafrah Meetup

Tafrah Meetup #05 has been engaging, fun and full of rich conversations. I enjoyed giving a session on the Practical Uses of AI in Healthcare Facilities.


Download the slides from this link.

Next Steps


We need more people like you to learn the required technologies and to apply the skills gained on healthcare systems.

  • Start by learning how to develop moder web-based applications.
  • Add to your knowledge some machine learning skills.
  • Join a team who develops software for healthcare facilities.

Graduate Student?

Join the fight against cancer. If you have good programming skills, then beef up your knowledge with some biology.

Manager in a Healthcare Facility?

You should be a key player in the collaborative effort of building a community interested in healthcare systems. Please, join the conversation below.


What about building a community who focuses on advancing the healthcare system in Egypt, using Medical Records Systems and applying AI methodologies to provide a better healthcare service? Comment below to spark a dicussion on possible initiatives that we can take ..

Written on March 16, 2018