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Teaching Philosophy

There is a high probability that you are reading this document on a computer screen, a smartphone, or a tablet. Even if you are reading from a printed version, these words reached your hands through some kind of a computer. I am deeply passionate about computers and technology. I wish all people in the world could have access to the latest technology to improve their life. As Computer Science is leading the technological revolution, I think the community should consider integrating Computer Science fundamentals curriculum in all majors. Learning Computer Science is not about classes. It is all about the learning environment. It is not a teaching-centric process, but a learning-centric one. Therefore, I believe that my role as a Computer Science teacher is mainly to support students during their learning journey of a specific topic. This support takes several forms from lecturing, organizing practice sessions, advising students and mentoring their careers. I divide the learning journey into three phases: Connecting, Learning and Applying, and I call it the CLA Journey.


Teaching Portfolio

Teaching in higher education has become very challenging. With more options available to the millennials, it became clear that teaching is not only the knowledge it leaves behind. Instructors have a bigger role of shaping their students’ future. That’s why I find extreme pleasure when asked to teach a class or deliver a presentation about my area of work. This teaching portfolio is currently not serving any certain application, but it is for my general curiosity to develop my career in the academia.

Here I present my teaching philosophy along with two courses I have assisted in teaching at the University of Connecticut. Although the content of the courses is mostly inspired by the current instructors whom I have worked with, I present my own strategy for delivering these courses in the future. Since I plan to adopt some parts of the courses for an online classroom, the document will receive several updates over the course of the next 12 months. Updates will adapt the course to an online course delivered through Udemy platform.

On that note, I’d be very grateful to receive any feedback or suggestions from you to launch the online course.