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Software Engineer

I’m a data-driven software engineer carrying out research. I write code, analyze data, read latest research pieces and communicate my thoughts online/offline.

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I carry out research in the intersection between computer science and biology. My goals is personalize medicine is through genetics


I develop a wide range of software applications using state-of-the-art open source technologies. Simple is More describes my philosophy for a better user experience.


I'm deeply passionate about teaching in higher education. Have a look at my teaching portfolio here where I adopt a Connecting-Learning-Applying appraoch


I always look for opportunities to pay back to the community I live in through skill-based volunteering. Reach me out to solve society problems together.


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University of Connecticut

Masters in Computer Science and Engineering, with focus on Big Data and Bioinformatics.

Center for Quantitative Medicine

Research Assistant: developing software tools that support bioinformatics research.
- UConn Health

Jan 2016-Now

Assiut University, Egypt

Bachelor of Computer Science, Faculty of Computers and Information.
GPA: 3.7      Rank: 1st.

University of Connecticut

Teaching Assistant at Computer Science and Engineering Department.
Courses: Algorithms, Probability and Statistics

Jan 2015-Now

Dar Heraa High School, Assiut

Ranked first all over Egypt, Math section.
Grade: 99.6%

Center for Hardware Assurance, Security and Engineering

Research Assistant: designed and implemented a solution for detecting anomalous behavior through log files analysis.
- University of Connecticut

Jan 2015 - Dec 2015


Summer 2016

Nabavi Lab

Research Intern: the main contributer to CNV-Sim tool.

UConn Health

Research Intern: the main contributer to AlgoRun platform.

Summer 2015
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  • Computational Biology
  • Big Data
  • Open Source
  • Software Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Cloud Computing
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Software Architecture
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Development
  • Project Management
  • Web Development

Novmeber 2016: I defended my Master's thesis at UConn on Wednesday, November 30th at 3:00 PM EDT. More info can be found here

October 2016: My blog post Cancer: From Biology to Computer Science will appear in the printed version of ACM XRDS magazine for December issue

October 2016: We are preparing a paper for an educational confernece: Students identified strategies to improve website ranks in Google crawlers

September 2016: We submitted the paper: CNV-Sim, a copy number variation simulator for whole genome and targeted sequencing

September 2016: My paper: xGame: A Novel Approach for Developing Accessible Mobile Games. was presented by Aly Moanes in The 15th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques, Larnaca, Cyprus. link

June 2016: My blog post Is your research reproducible? will appear in the printed version of ACM XRDS magazine for the summer issue

March 2016: My paper: AlgoRun, a Docker-based packaging system for platform- agnostic implemented algorithms is published on Bioinformatics. link

January 2016: I was awarded the UConn Graduate Student Intern of the Year Honorable Mention, University of Connecticut, USA. link

Cancer: From Biology to Computer Science

  • October 24,2016
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 0 thoughts

October is the breast cancer awareness month. Cancer is classified as a genetic disease caused by the abnormal cell division that destroy body tissue. Wait! Cell? Body tissue? Disease? So now you might be wondering: what does this have to do with computers? ...


42 Tips to Increase Your Website’s Rank from UConn Students

  • May 20,2016
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 0 thoughts

At the University of Connecticut, undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science studied Google’s PageRank algorithm as a practice on stochastic processes and their applications. After their research on the algorithm along with other search techniques ...


Is Your Research Reproducible?

  • Jan 26,2016
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 1 thought

When a scientific experiment achieves the expected result, researchers hurry up to draft a manuscript, submit it and cross their fingers for acceptance. When that paper gets accepted for publication - a happy camper! However, and not much later, the researchers discover that it was a fool's paradise. Their work never gets cited ..


Cleaning Messy Data Using Open Refine

  • Oct 07,2015
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 0 thoughts

This post discusses a nightmare activity that people working with data face everyday. It is putting the data in a format ready to be processed according to your need. No doubt that working with data sets has become a vital activity in everyday work; not only for developers but also for mathematicians ..


Learn Apache Spark On your Desktop

  • Aug 06,2015
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 0 thoughts

I am a newbie to the field of data science and big data. Actually, I started to learn it smoothly as in the saying “learn to analyze data first, then do it big“. I have been performing algorithms on small data sets in various contexts to solve different problems or come up with some conclusions. Now, the data sets I work on are becoming larger and larger (order of GBs per file) that ..

TOEFL iBT Preparation Series (Arabic).

عايز امتحن التويفل

  • Dec 29,2014
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 10+ thoughts

كتير مننا سمع عن امتحان التويفل للانجليزي وقرر يستعد عشان يدخله .. فى البوستات دي هتكلم عن تجربتي الشخصية مع الامتحان وازاى ممكن تجيب فيه السكور المطلوب


Diving into IBM’s Quantum Experience through your Browser

  • June 6,2016
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 0 thoughts

People tend to stay away when they hear the word "Quantum Computing". The word itself gives the feeling that it targets scientists or physics researchers, but not your average person scrolling down in their newsfeed. However, quantum computing increasingly becomes more mature to ..


The Pythonic Way

  • March 27,2016
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 1 thought

Python is a very powerful programming language that understands structural, functional and object oriented programming paradigms. New comers to Python from other languages tend to carry with them their mother (programming) tongue culture. Although they achieve ..


From Human Brains to Computer Brains

  • Feb 27,2016
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 0 thoughts

Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Recommenders, Machine Learning and the list of endless fancy words that popup here and there over websites will always have a mystery behind. Over the past few years, we have witnessed ..


How To Merge Two Docker Images

  • July 11,2015
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 5 thoughts

It’s always said, “Do not try to re-invent the wheel!”. When working with Docker, it is a good practice to search for some ready-to-use images on Docker Hub before building you own. It is very powerful to have your software architecture distributed in a set of containers, each one does one job. An the best building block ..


Three Solutions to Bi-Directional Lining Probelm in Docker Compose

  • July 1,2015
  • Abdelrahman Hosny
  • 2 thoughts

Docker is one of the most trending technology platforms that gained community interest in a short time. In the simplest words, it enables developers and system admins to ship their distributed applications in an easy-to-use process. The ecosystem around Docker is so large and there are A LOT of tools that work with it. One of the most useful tools that is available is Docker Compose. It enables ..



Connecticut, USA


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