I’m a research-oriented software engineer. I write code, analyze data, read latest research pieces and communicate my thoughts online/offline. My goal is to establish an AI-based datacenter in Africa.

I’m currently a Computer Science PhD student at Brown University (exp. graduation 2023). I have a visiting graduate student status at UC San Diego. My research focus is on leveraging cloud computing infrastructure to perform various data analytics tasks and train/deploy machine learning models.

I received a Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Connecticut in 2016. My thesis title was Integrative Analysis of Heterogeneous Genomics Data for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer and High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer (online access here). During that time, I also received a graduate certificate in college instruction from UConn Neag School of Education. Before UConn, I received a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Assiut University in Egypt in 2013.

You can download my CV here. In a rush? see resume.

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